Eine liebeserklärung

There are experiences that most people avoid talking about, because they don’t fit into the reality of everyday life and defy rational explanation.

”For one who is initiated into these mysteries, not only comes to doubt the being of things of sense, but to despair of it. In part he brings about the nothingness of such things himself in his dealings with them, and in part he sees them reduce themselves to nothingness.” – Hegel

Allt sitter ändå ihop, och när vi förnimmer det är det magiskt.

Our western perspective on the world developed with the creation of an ego that was capable of contrasting itself with the surrounding world; that regarded the world as an entity, an object – essentially, a mind that could objectify the world around it. From this foundation, scientific research of today has concentrated more and more on the quantitative, measurable aspects of nature, employing increasingly advanced technology to measure components of any phenomenon.

Vi båda vet förstås detta när vi springer ikapp med andan i halsen och solen går upp över Öresund. Medan Wall Street och Silicon Valley springer ikapp på andra sidan världen. När det har hunnit bli så sent att det är tidigt och vi skiter i allt. I början av juni 2015 och alla andra sover, precis som vanligt.

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